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Tedd Cittadine, VP, Content Partnerships, Roku: How Content Providers Grow and Scale Their Audiences on the Roku Platform

April 14, 2021

2020 kicked off the streaming decade, but the growth of streaming skyrocketed faster than even those at the front seat initially predicted. Guest Tedd Cittadine, VP, Content Partnerships, Roku Inc. unpacks what this transformational shift in viewing behavior means for content makers looking to connect with engaged audiences on TV streaming. Tedd discussed the growth opportunities that the Roku platform can offer both AVOD and SVOD services from user acquisition, customer retention, brand marketing, advertising, ad technology and more. Tedd also details the marketing strategy behind the success of the free AVOD service The Roku Channel, the acquisition of Quibi’s multimillion-dollar portfolio original programming and what the growth of streaming means for advertisers, content providers, consumers and the television industry at large.

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